Monday, June 8th, 2009

The inventor of Homoeopathy is basically an allopathic doctor. Dr Samuel Hahnemann from Germany invented this system in eighteenth century.
• There are NHS-run homoeopathic hospitals in Bristol, Liverpool, Tunbridge Wells, Glasgow and London.
• Prince Charles is a great supporter of homoeopathy. Did you know that homoeopathy has had royal patronage since the 1830s?
• Most of the Homoeopathic text book authors were doctors of modern medicine.
• In India, homoeopathy is the most sought after medical service after allopathy. In India alone there are more than 200 Homoeopathic medical colleges, more than 2 lakhs of qualified homoeopathic practioners.
• Homoeopathy is also used by vets to treat animals. In fact, it is commonly used in horse racing as a lot of medication can cause the animals to fail drug tests.
• Homoeopathy started in Germany and from there has reached Canada, USA, England, South Africa, India, France, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and other European countries? It has spread to over eighty countries.
• Did you know that the homoeopathy forms part of the health service in Cuba, Mexico, India and Brazil? In India, it became especially popular after Mahatma Gandhi supposedly endorsed it.
• Mahatma Gandhi: “Homoeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non violently. Government must encourage and patronize it in our country”…………….M K Gandhi, Father of the nation.
• TAGORE: “It is not merely a collection of a few medicines, but a new science with a rational philosophy as its base. We require more scientific interest and enquiry in to the matter with special stress upon the Indian environment”………………..RABINDRA NATH TAGORE.

• Did you know that World Health Organization has stated that homoeopathy is the second leading system of primary health care in the world?

• Homoeopathy is cost effective, eco friendly and user friendly medicine with no adverse or side effects.

• Homoeopathy medicine works like immunomodulators or stimualators thereby increasing body s immune power to prevent recurrent infection.


  1. S.Sivaraman

    Very interesting and informative. Nice website.

  2. shankarnarayan

    Hello dear Homoeopathic dr,
    50 % of Indians are deprived of the benefits of this system due to lack of awareness and ignorance. Though originated in Germany, country like India require it very much. Many educated are leaning towards this system and many so called intelligent people may continue to underestimate this system. What ever it is, Homoeopathy has grown multifolds from past 200 years and it will become the main system of medicine by another 25 years. For this to happen, Homoeo drs all over the world must work hard and given information like Dr Prasanna kumar of Mangalore.
    once again congratulations and best wishes
    S Narayan.

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