Homoeopathic approach in CANCER

Friday, September 14th, 2012



Here there is a strong genetic susceptibility for cancer prevails. For e.g. strong family history of Cancer in one or both the parents and/or first degree relatives. Genetic susceptibility along with environmental factors like dieteric habits, life style, customs can predispose the person to cancer. Many studies reveal that significant emotional stress may be the precursor of development of cancer. Psychological stresses affect the neuroendocrinal axis as well as the Reticuloendothelial system          ( RES) thereby weakening the hosts defences and thus promote the onset of malignancy. Therefore primordial prevention of cancer can be done by constitutional prescribing of ‘AT RISK’ subjects. Constitutional Homoeopathic treatment consists mainly of prescribing on the psychosomatic make up of the patient and on the past history. The patient is viewed against a background of a theoretical average person of the same age, sex and social environment and the salient mental and physical characteristics are noted and matched by a remedy having similar drug picture.


It includes rational treatment of premalignant conditions like leukoplakia, cervical tears, intestinal polyposis, chronic gastric ulcers, chronic cervicitis. After the treatment (medical or surgical) antimiasmatic ( antisyphilitic) treatment should be started. Here the disease is in the early phase                ( premalignant or stage 1 of the disease).  Reversibility of the miasm may be possible here. Syphilitic expression may change into sycotic or psoric expression, which is a welcome sign. For e.g. after treating a precancerous condition one of his old sycotic or psoric disease may reappear. (wart/skin eczema/asthma etc).


In some cancerous conditions Homoeopathic medicines can be given along with other chemotherapeutic agents given by  an Oncophysician. Here organ specific cancer remedy can be throught off. Latest books on Homoeopathy like Murphys reperoty, Synthesis reperotries gives a list of Homoeopathic remedies under different cancers. For e.g. Cancer stomach, Cancer rectum, Cancer prostate, Cancer colon, Cancer cervix, Cancer Ovaries.  Generally these medicines are prescribed in low potencies with frequent intervals. Even there are medicines  to reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Many a times when the patient is diagnosed to have cancer, he has passed the stage of eligibility for chemotherapy and radiotherapy or surgery. Such patients generally land in Homoeopathic  or other alternative medicine clinics. These patients present  with extensive   spread of the disease ( metastasis) or the part in which they have got cancer cannot be operated     ( e.g. Liver, Brain, Lung etc). Or they are too old and there are some other associated diseases which may prevent the surgeon to proceed with surgery or treatment. In Homoeopathic therapeutics palliative care is done either by symptomatic approach or by organ specific medicines. In my 12 years of clinical experience, I have seen many patients belonging to this category. (No fitness to continue conventional treatment or surgery).  Some important Homoeopathic medicines used in Cancer palliation are Euphorbinum, Cadmium sulph, Condurango, Hydrastis, Carcinosin, Phytolocca, Conium mac etc. These medicines are prescribed based on disease symptoms or symptom similarity. Some cancers like Hepatoma ( liver cancer), Advanced stage of Prostatic carcinoma, Multiple myeloma have responded well to Homoeopathic treatment.  A case of thyroid cancer  which was declared  non operable by ENT surgeon 10 years ago was only on  Homoeopathic treatment  for 11years with minimum discomfort and sufferings.

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  1. subhra sinha

    My father is having advance stage prostate carcinoma in metastatic stage. He has been given carcinosin let me know how far it will be effective,?

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