Tips for Good night sleep

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Tips for good night- Sleep hygiene.

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1. Sleep as much as you need to feel rested; do not oversleep. Many a time’s people have a habit of oversleeping on weekends and sleeping less on working days. In the long run such habit may interfere with your sleep cycle and your quality of sleep may get affected.

2. Quality of sleep is more important than the quantity of sleep. Some sleep for just 3-4 hours and remain fresh throughout the day where as others sleep 8-10 hours and yawn throught the day.

3. Exercise regularly at least 30 minutes daily, ideally 4-5 hours before your bedtime.

4. Keep a regular sleep and awakening schedule. As far as possible stick on to the fixed time for retiring and rising.

5. Do not drink caffeinated beverages later than 4 PM (tea, coffee, soft drinks etc.).

6. Do not smoke, especially in the evening.

7. Do not go to bed hungry and do not go to the bed immediately after heavy dinner.

8. Adjust the environment in the room (lights, temperature, noise etc.) The room you are sleeping should not be too warm, shouldn’t have some bright light.

9. Wear comfortable clothing when you go to bed. Sleeping with tight fitting clothing may affect your sleep.

10. Avoid watching TV, eating, and discussing emotional issues in bed.

11. A light snack may be sleep-inducing, but a heavy meal too close to bedtime interferes with sleep.

12. Milk contains the amino acid L-tryptophan, which has been shown in research to help people go to sleep.

13. Take a warm bath half an hour before going to bed.

14. Listen to light music in the evening hours or just before going to the bed. Listening to exciting music may interfere your quality of sleep.

15. Sleep with your head facing north (magnetic) and feet facing south.

16. Don’t read very interesting and thrilling books just before going to bed. Your mind may remain active for long time and you may have difficulty in initiating sleep.

17. Yoga and Pranayama may help in inducing sleep.

Homoeopathic management of Insomnia:
Many a times Insomnia is due to faulty methods adopted by the person which interferes with the sleep cycle. Few Insomniacs have some psychological and behavioral problems which need to be tackled medically. Homoeopathic medications will help in initiating and maintaining sleep in patients with anxiety neurosis, depression, obsession etc. Homoeopathic medications does not have any side/after effects and they are not habit forming.

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  1. Divya Rashmi

    “Sleep with your head facing north (magnetic) and feet facing south”.
    This 15th point given here makes me think because i have been always told not to have head towards north because in our body head is acting as the north pole ( I dont really know if what i was told is true). Kindly look into this and let me know

    yours truly

    Divya Rashmi

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